Work benches, carts and workstations

The fully customizable work benches can be integrated with an electrical and lighting system, as well as a pneumatic system for the management of compressed air.

Frame made of modular aluminum profiles, shelves in various materials (aluminum, bilaminate, coated wood), accessories of your choice (shelves, ionizing accessories, badges and document holders, screwdrivers, etc.).

Even the work benches can be integrated with automatic lifting / lowering systems to ensure the ergonomic position for all the operators who work there.

Eltecc also manufactures trolleys for the safe handling of components within the production plants, with the utmost attention to ergonomics for the operators who use them. The trolleys can in fact be integrated with automatic height adjustment systems and can be prepared for both manual and automatic towing with AGV. They are also equipped with a drawbar and a drawbar hook for towing in a row.