Conveyor systems

Eltecc has specialized for several decades in the design and construction of conveyor systems for industries. There are different types of conveyor:

  1. conveyor systems
  2. modular chain conveyor
  3. chain conveyor
  4. rollers conveyor
  5. belt conveyor systems
  6. roller conveyor systems

Conveyor frames can be made with modular aluminium profiles, stainless steel or painted carpentry.
We produce conveyor systems of all sizes (minimum roll 10 mm diameter), tilted or not, with possibility of automatic or manual height adjustment, complete with any containment guides.

Modular chain conveyors are valid alternative to conveyor belt, as they offer easy maintenance, construction of curved sections, suitable for cleaning, washing and sanitizing.

For each type of transportation system, the supply can be only mechanical or complete with electrical system (gear motor controls, inverter, push-button panels and emergency button) and managing and supervision software.